~ Giulia Lepori

“becoming-Botanical is a long-term antidisciplinary project aiming to investigate and re-imagine the human/plant relationship with a view towards a sustainable future. We believe that new experiences with and deeper understanding of nonhuman life garners an ecocentric and empathetic perspective crucial to living sustainably in a shifting climate.

Central to the first phase of becoming-Botanical is the curation and publication of an herbal encyclopaedia (liber herbalis) which asks contributors and readers to contemplate in what ways we interact and depend on plant-life in a post-modern era and what future interactions and dependencies may be. The book comprises a selection of short provocative entries from practitioners of a myriad of scientific and artistic disciplines, accompanied by found, submitted and illustrated visual imagery to disrupt, contradict, or compliment the entries. It is imagined that this collection of disparate ideas can act as a catalyst for creative thinking and artistic practice in the widening field of sustainability and performance ecologies.”

becoming-Botanical: digital