~ Michał Krawczyk

‘In the natural apiary’, filmed together with natural beekeeper Danilo Colomela in the island of Sicily (Italy), is an immersive cinematic experience into the practice of natural beekeeping. Danilo is a practitioner of a form of beekeeping that acknowledges the superorganism hive and its worldmaking capacities.Through experimental aesthetics, the film aims to sensorially explore the landscape of the natural apiary and the human engagement with the more-than-human world of Apis Mellifera.

CrossCuts Environmental Humanities Festival wrote: “‘In the natural apiary’ forms an invitation to experience the intimate (and intense) interplay between bees and natural beekeeper with all your senses and from a first-person position. The film is a collaboration between more-than-human ethnographer Michał Krawczyk and the Italian beekeeper Danilo Colomela and is shot in a sensory slow cinema style that pulls you in to experience a world not defined by either of the species.”

CrossCuts Environmental Humanities Festival (Sweden / 2019)
Life With and Without Animals (Derby University / 2020)
Anthropocene(s). Reworking the wound (Poland / 2020)
Forming the Futures (Bristol University / 2020)
Royal Anthropological Institute. Anthropology and Geography: Dialogues Past, Present and Future (United Kingdom / 2020)
AVANCA Cinema (Portugal / 2020)

Environmental Justice in Multispecies Worlds (University of Wisconsin-Madison / 2020)

INCS 2020: Interdisciplinary perspectives on the history of sustainability and environmentalism (University of Southern California / 2020)
Culture(s) in Conversation: Environments, Landscapes, Ecologies (Bowling Green State University / 2020)
Virtual Ecologies (Rutgers University / 2020)
Ariano Film Festival (Italy / 2021)
Clorofilla Film Festival (Italy / 2021)
Agrofilm Festival (Slovakia / 2021)