Michał Krawczyk & Giulia Lepori with Dondolo & Giorgiana

This short film is a multispecies ethnographic collaboration between humans and donkeys, in the permacultural site of Centre Thar dö Ling, in the Valley of Sagana (Sicily, Italy), where the land is being regenerated, and regenerative, through more-than-human ecological interactions. Land is shaped as land shapes.

XXVII OpenEyes Film Fest (Marburg, Germany) wrote about LAND/SCAPE: “ Since the Sensory Ethnography Lab at Harvard University has brought new attention and aesthetic impetus to research film through acclaimed productions, this film genre has flourished once again. LAND/SCAPE is about the confrontation between the soil, the earth, the land and its formation, development and creation, realised in a cross-species ecology of perception.”

Regard Bleu Ethnographic Film Festival (Switzerland / 2020)
Festival de Cine FENACIR (Mexico / 2020)
Kinoproba (Russia / 2020)
Dark Mountain 'The Picture Show at the End of the World' (UK 2020)
Pantalla Rota Art Exhibition (Argentina / 2021)
Kinesthesia Film Festival (UK / 2021)
XXVII OpenEyes Film Fest Marburg (Germany / 2021)
MakeDox (Macedonia / 2021)
CINENOVA (Portugal / 2021)

Multispecies Justice / Art After Dark - Biennale of Sydney (Australia / 2022)