tarra tarra is an archive of works
in the environmental humanities
Giulia Lepori and Michał Krawczyk
 Giulia is a research-creator and ethnographer currently working as a sessional academic with different Australian universities. A community-minded volunteer, hiker, and horticulturist
Michał is an advocate for reparative nature-based solutions to climate change. Currently working with the not-for-profit The Next Economy in Australia. Passionate hiker who loves working with the land

The environmental humanities research the human impact on and relationship with ecological processes of world formation, investigating and experimenting with ways to imagine human beings in relation with the Earth

tarra tarra is an archive of interdisciplinary research-creation projects, intended as a space of storytelling about elemental and multispecies relationality
The works contained in this archive appeared in books, academic journals, were presented at conferences and community events, as well as screenings at international film festivals, and two Art Biennales. Gratitude is extended to all the beings, elements, and energies that have made them possible
tarra tarra
is the Gallurese equivalent of the Italian expression
‘terra terra
meaning ‘simple’, ‘down-to-earth’
meaning ‘land’ and ‘soil’ too.

Gallurese is the Sardinian dialect spoken by Giulia, from the region of Gallura – a land that Michał and Giulia are affectively connected to
earth, here and now, means
the Jagera and Turrbal peoples’ land
in Meanjin/Brisbane
where Giulia and Michał are based

tarra tarra acknowledges and pays respect
to their Elders, past, present, and emerging